Taco Finance

The new Anti-Rug-Pull Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain


Taco Finance ($TACO) is the new generation of Automated Market Making (AMM) decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Pancakeswap exchange. The reason we have chosen to run on BSC is because of its low transaction fees and faster speed.
Besides, we would like to offer to all tacos lovers the 2nd generation yield farming mechanism with:
  • A deflationary governance token model with a unique burn mechanism to stabilize TACO's price when there is a massive dump.
  • Rewarding and profitable yield
  • Timelock contract at launch to avoid Rugpull


1. Unique Token Burning Mechanism:
5% deposit fee will be charged when you stake in the pool; 4% of the fee will be used to purchase Taco coins and burned to reduce the overall circulating amount of TACOs and stabilize TACO's price! The remaining 1% will go to the dev fund to improvise and further enhance the platform to make it a long-term and sustainable project.
The burning operation will be done manually to stabilize TACO's price. However, the frequency is not fixed, as it is subject to if there is any massive dump happening.
2. Rugpull migrator code removed!
Want to sleep soundly at night without worrying your funds will be gone when you wake up the next day? We hear you! We have removed the migrator code (Inherited from Pancake swap) and implemented a timelock of 48 hours upon any contract changes!
In addition, we are using the same code as Goose Finance, which is proven safe and audited by Hacken and Certik.
So what are you waiting for? Come and surround yourself with tacos because everything is better with tacos!